Saturday, February 14, 2009

Installing BackTrack 4 beta on a USB disk

You might have noticed BackTrack 4 Beta is out for a few days. Since it brings some interesting new features I planned to upgrade/reinstall my BT3 USB to the latest edition.

For the Linux users there is a quick install guide that enumerates the different commands needed to setup the system.
Having at that precise moment only a Windows system laying around I had to follow another procedure. The easiest way is the following:

  1. First format your partition as FAT32. Windows refuses to format partitions bigger than 30GB in FAT32 (to force users to use NTFS). It's only a GUI limitation so you can still use the CLI to format d: /fs:fat32.
  2. Now download Unetbootin. It's a kind of assistant to install ISO's to your USB disk. (Thanks for the tip Security4all)
  3. In Unetbootin choose Disk image and specify the path to the BT4b iso file.
  4. In the Type I had to choose manual as Unetbootin didn't detect my disk as USB disk.
  5. Just press the OK button and wait.

I noticed there was no bootloader installed on the USB disk so I had to to this manually. It's fairly simple:
Browse to the disk located on your computer and execute the d:\boot\bootinst.bat script. The script will try to autodetect the drive letter and will ask a confirmation. Double check it and confirm.

Now boot your system from the USB disk and here it is: BackTrack 4 beta.