Saturday, October 22, 2011

Book review: BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing

Just before my holiday I got a new mail from Packt publishing to read a new book of theirs about Wireless Penetration Testing. Perfect to read on a sunny beach.

As this book is directed towards beginners I tried to read and review it with beginners eyes. Like their other book I was positively surprised to see a name I knew. The author Vivek Ramachandran not only gave a Wireless Pentesting training at BruCON, but is also known for his work on wireless security.

The book has nine chapters starting with info how to build your lab, and what kind of hardware is required to more advanced attacks like Mis-Association, Caffe Latte, and breaking WPA-Enterprise.

I wouldn't compare this book to a standard book you read, because this book would be more a training manual teaching you some (basic) theory and then giving you lab exercises (or vice-versa). This is a great thing for geeks like me that remember by doing, and not by reading.

The disappointing bit was the lack of cryptographic theory. I think it is rather important to not only learn to use a tool with its command line options, but it's also important to know what the differences are between PTW and FMS attacks, and why it's possible to do ARP replays while the packets are encrypted. (Answer: because an ARP packet has a fixed length it can be recognized even being encrypted.)

As I am more experienced half of the book was a quick read, however the second half was a lot more pleasing as it taught me things I didn't know. (or forgot because of a lack of practice)

If you don't have experience with Wireless Cracking/Penetration Testing this book is definitely a must-read. I do advice however that you open Wikipedia and the site of Aircrack when reading trough WLAN Encryption Flaws (Chapter 4) to better understand the cryptographics.
Don't forget to buy a wireless card supporting monitor mode and packet injection while ordering this (e)book.

If you want to read a bit have a look at the free sample chapter.